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Cell Phone Captures Evidence in Wake of Knoxville Car Accident

NBC10 News reports a victim used his smartphone to record a hit-and-run driver leaving the scene of a Knoxville car accident.

Knoxville personal injury lawyers continue to see technology influence accident cases, for both good and ill. Whether it’s cell phone cameras, red-light cameras, or distracted driving, the wired world is here to stay.

In this case, not only did the defendant record the hit-and-run driver, he did it with an app that always records his driving. He was clipped on Morrell Road after dropping his son at daycare. The app, Daily Road Voyager, recorded the whole thing. Knoxville police say the video is a valid piece of evidence that will likely be used in the arrest and prosecution of the case.

“Technology is changing, so we do expect to see more of this in the future,” said Knoxville Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk. “It is getting to the point where you cannot go out into public without the possibility of being recorded by someone.”

The case is also a reminder of what to do after an Knoxville car accident. In general, collecting as much information and evidence as possible is a good idea. This includes the names and contact information of witnesses and photographs of the scene.

Photographs can be important because a scene may change dramatically in the year or two it takes to resolve a case. Vegetation may grow or be cut back. There may be new road or building construction in the area. And road signs, street signs and traffic control devices may be added or replaced. Preserving photographic evidence of how the area looked as near to the time of the accident as possible is an excellent idea.

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