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Car Accident in Tennessee Kills 1, Injures 16, Involves 176 Vehicles

A recent chain-reaction car accident in Tennessee, just north of Nashville, involved 176 vehicles, killed one and injured nearly 20 more, according to CNN.

Officials say that the accident was caused by the black ice and the heavy fog that plagued State Highway 386. One school bus on its way to drop children off at school was involved. Luckily, none of the children were injured. The man who was killed in the accident was the driver of a compact car that was forced underneath a tractor-trailer. The others who were injured were taken to local hospitals.

According to Capt. Vincent Riley of the county emergency medical services, the accidents started at roughly 8:00 a.m. when a first vehicle ran off the roadway, which caused a chain-reaction accident. That roadway was shut down for a majority of the day as responders tried to clear the wreckage. Many vehicles had to be towed from the scene. Weather officials had not placed the area under a fog advisory during the accidents.

Our Knoxville car accident attorneys understand that traffic is expected to increase significantly through the holidays and our risks for traffic accidents will increase as well. Drivers are urged to check out the road and traffic conditions throughout Tennessee before heading out. Safe driving habits are going to be your number one preventative measure in avoiding a fatal car accident through the season. As millions of drivers head out to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, everyone’s urged to drive carefully and cautiously to keep our roadways safe.

“We want everyone traveling in and through Tennessee to get to their destination safely,” said Commissioner Bill Gibbons. “We urge all motorists to start the holidays off on the right foot and buckle up on every trip.”

Troopers urge all drivers to wear a seat belt, especially throughout the rest of the holiday season. The state’s seat belt usage jumped to nearly 90 percent in 2011. Still, it’s estimated that nearly 60 percent of vehicle occupants who were killed in car accidents in the state in 2010 were reportedly not wearing their seat belt.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Tracy Trott says that motorists are about 10 times safer when wearing a seat belt. Troopers will be combing the roadways for unbuckled motorists throughout the holiday season, not to issue a bunch of tickets but to help save lives.

As of the 21st of November, the state’s accident statistics illustrated that there have been more than 830 deaths on our roadways so far in 2011. While this is about 100 less than this time last year, officers still ask drivers to stay safe, to drive cautiously and to buckle up on our roadways.

Drivers are also urged to steer clear of popular roadways during rush hour, during the evening hours and during weekends. This is a time when we typically see an increase in accidents. Driving is a serious responsibility and we all need to do so safely to ensure the safety of everyone on our roadways. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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