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Liability After a Fatal Truck Accident in Tennessee

After a Tennessee truck accident, the party responsible for the accident is generally one of the drivers. However, in cases involving large tractor-trailers, more than one entity may be responsible for the accident and ensuing injuries. Injury victims and their families should consult with an attorney to determine all potential avenues of relief against any liable party.

For the most part, motorists need to share the road with various types of vehicles, including large SUVs, trucks, motorcyclists, and cyclists. In most cases, claims against a negligent driver involve that driver, their insurance company, and possibly the vehicle owner. However, in claims against a truck driver, the lawsuit may include claims against the truck driver’s employer, truck manufacturer, shipping company, or other parties responsible for the care and maintenance of the truck. For those reasons, Tennessee accident claims involving tractor-trailers and large trucks tend to pose many challenges to injury victims.

One of the first issues is determining the cause of the accident. Truck accidents in Tennessee often result in chain-reaction accidents, and pinpointing an exact cause can be challenging. However, most truck accidents involve driver fatigue, driver distraction, impaired driving, and speeding. Most truck claims involve jackknife truck accidents, tire blowouts, unsecured loads, hazmat accidents, and underride accidents. However, because of these vehicles’ sheer size and strength, any slight error can result in devastating consequences.

For instance, earlier this month, local news sources described a harrowing tractor-trailer accident in Tennessee. According to reports, Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to an accident call between a tractor-trailer and a motorcycle. An investigation revealed that the tractor-trailer was traveling north along a curve when its trailer crossed the opposite lane. At the same time, a motorcycle driver was traveling south when his bike flipped over and skidded into the back of the truck’s trailer. The motorcycle driver was airlifted to a hospital, and the tractor-trailer driver did not suffer any physical injuries.

After narrowing the cause of the accident, the victim must establish the status of the at-fault truck driver. Typically, there are three types of truck drivers; owner-operators, company drivers, and independent operators. An attorney can help victims determine the driver’s classification and associated liability. The liable party may be responsible for covering the victim’s damages such as their medical treatment, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Truck Accident in Tennessee?

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