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Winter Weather Contributing to Numerous Car Accidents on Tennessee Interstates

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, there have been a number of serious car accidents in Knoxville on Interstate-75. Officials believe that many of these traffic accidents were caused by the snowy weather conditions, according to NBC10.

Snowfall plagued Campbell County and dispatchers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol are reporting that the Interstate was icy and dangerous. There have been at least three car accidents reported because of the snow, ice and slick roadways. Mile marker 158 on I-75 was blocked off because of an accident that happened just before 5:00 p.m. The two other accidents reportedly happened at mile markers 139 and 153.

Our Knoxville car accident attorneys understand that the holiday congested traffic may be departing. But the dangerous winter weather conditions are here to stay for a while. We’re asking all drivers to be extremely cautious when navigating snowy and icy roadways. Make it a New Year’s resolution to be a better and safer driver in 2012. You can help to reduce your risks of an accident by practicing a few winter weather safe driving tips. The Tennessee Department of Transportation is here to offer you these safe driving tips through its “Ice & Snow: Take It Slow” safe winter driving campaign.

Winter Driving Safety Tips:

-Slow it down. When it snows, you should use your head and not your feet. Reduce your speed when driving on icy, snowy or wet roadways.

-Slow down when approaching bridges, heavily shaded spots, off-ramps and intersections. These areas are prime spots for black ice. Drivers may not always be able to see black ice on the roadway, therefore slow travel is key in preventing an accident.

-Keep the steering to a minimum. Only steer, brake and accelerate when needed. Cutting down on these types of actions cuts down your risks of losing control of your vehicle.

-Keep the distance. Leave more room between your vehicle and other vehicles on the roadways as it’s more difficult to stop in these conditions.

-Avoid using the cruise control. You should always stay in control or the acceleration and the brakes when driving on slick roadways. Using the cruise control only slows your ability to react.

-Never crowd snow plows. Give these machines plenty of room to do their job. Remember these vehicles travel much slower than normal traffic.

-Before leaving your home, call 511 from any phone or visit to learn about current weather and road conditions.

-Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare. Extra time reduces the need to rush and speed.

-Be sure to clear the snow from your vehicle’s windows, headlights and taillights before departing.

-Remember that stopping on slick roadways takes longer than normal and can take more distance. If you have anti-lock brakes, you should brake by pressing firmly down on the brake pedal. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, gently pump the brake pedal to stop.

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